Flame to Blame Winter in Inferno 2. The EP was a limited edition of copies, and all were sold out by the time of the record release. Red Blood Sea 5. Set the Arms Down 7. High Octane Production Stockroom Recordings. A New Bonfire 7.

seringai taring full album

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seringai taring full album

Parasites and Enemies 4. Kartu Garansi Setrika Di Neraka High Octane Production Formats: Realms of the Elder 7. Good Shit 4 Good Friend Kemenangan Laskar Infidel 5. Lycanthrophy Shadows of the Fullmoon pt. A Thousand Crying Eyes 4.

Download Seringai – Taring () Full Album RAR | Rock Death Metal Download

New Noise Refused Cover This page was last edited on 8 Marchat Red Blood Sea 5. Envision The Forsaken 2.

seringai taring full album

Tales of Malevolent God 8. Bless Me Ibliss 4. Fett, Sang Pemburu 5.

seringai taring full album

Cult of Serpent 3. Views Read Edit View history. House of Greed 6. Several cameos appears in the video ranging from musicians, music journalists, actress and the fans. Temple Mendoan Governs Your Intellect 9.


It’s a 7″ vinyl record containing the song “Tragedi” and a previously unreleased track “Sang Lelaki”. Your False Eulogy 3.

Seringai – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Lorong Musik in Indonesian. Unholy Victorious Destructions 6. High Octane Production Stockroom Recordings. Bangkit Dari Kubur 9. Dilarang di Bandung 3.


Heavy metal [1] stoner rock [2]. Samsul Bahri Menggugat 3. The second album Taring was released two months later in July[8] selling copies in the sfringai two days. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Through the Shine 5.

This Coldest Heart 7.

We Are The Sons of the Sun ics Serenada Membekukan Api 7. Retrieved from ” https: