The Public House for a Nordic themed village I built. The interior is furnished with a couple of tables, a crafting table, and several bookcases. Tenten September 25, 9: The project is in need of some attention with testing and bugfixes, which is why there hasn’t been a proper release in a while. I’m kinda tired of using 3rd party plugins to make my own plugin.

mcedit schematics castle

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No, create an account now. Share This Page Tweet. This is the Blacksmith for a Nordic themed village I built.

mcedit schematics castle

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mcedit schematics castle

Well, I got an email today informing me Fragnet is offering a free MB sever! As a gift from us….

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Featured Minecraft Building Inc April 3, 0 3, Andrew June 30, 9: It is built to maximized Villager spawning. The interior is not furnished at all, but mcexit several floors and many large rooms, a massive courtyard, and a well.


I was inspired by other work I saw, so feel free to use them as you like. Why become a member? I decided to publish some mceedit the custom trees that I created for my maps! The only limitations I currently see are: Enjoy the game of Uno! Distribution of content prohibited without written consent which will if at all possible be given. We hope you enjoy this latest creation from us, and be sure to stay tuned, more awesome builds are in the works.

Download cool caxtle created by other to add to mcedt world, replicate your own castlee anywhere you like, or share your own creations with others. Tenten June 30, 9: Log in or Sign up. The schematics were created using MCEdit: Upload your own Minecraft content Add comments Bookmark any content on the site for easy access Your vote will be heard Active members will be offered access to our own supercool Minecraft server Active members will be offered an ad-free interface Active members will have first say on what features will be implemented Create your own profile Communicate and have fun with other users of minecraftstuff.


Minecraft Building Inc May 28, 0 2, This is my attempt at recreating the gate house of Stokesay Castle in southern Shropshire, England.

I don’t currently have a lot of time to medit on it beyond recompiling for updates. Gregori June 28, 2: Tenten September 26, 7: Here is a creepy build by Kenofox.

Minecraft Building Inc

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